Photograph of Man's Silhouette on Stage


Canon 5D Mark IV
Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L USM
ISO 3200 | 1/100s. | f/2.8


"Pundorable" Jou


“In themselves, the pictures, the phases, the elements of the whole are innocent and indecipherable. The blow is struck only when the elements are juxtaposed into a sequential image.”

Sergei Eisenstein

Editing As An Art

When faced with the flashiness of present day Hollywood, it's easy to remain hyperfocused on the theatricalities: special effects, brilliant costumes, and dangeorus stunts among others. Under these circumstances, the editing fades into the background, albeit being designated for such a role. The concept of the invisible observer in cinema has long dominated discourse surrounding editing. However, considering the work that goes into editing a production, it is often worth recognizing that editing is at the heart of cinema. Editing gives life to the script; it guides, it creates, it connects, and it flows. Editing brings out the emotion from within.

Pictured: Sergei Eisenstein, The "Father of Montage" (1898-1948)

Russian Editor Sergei Eisenstein, The Father of Montage

Sergei Eisenstein

The "Father of Montage"